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In the dynamic landscape of advertising and marketing, events serve as pivotal platforms for knowledge exchange, networking, and industry progression. At Assali Advertising and Marketing, we recognize the paramount significance of events in fostering professional growth and fostering connections. Our commitment to promoting insightful engagements remains unwavering.

Upcoming Events

The Antiochian Women of St. Elias Orthodox Cathedral Present:
The Sweet as can Bee Mother’s Day Gala

Save the date: May. 10, 2024

Location: St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral

750 Ridgewood Ave, Ottawa, ON K1V 6N1

(613) 816-6555

(613) 276-1344

El Mazaj Restaurant: Mother's Day with Anthony Bernoty

Save the date: May. 18, 2024

Location: El Mazaj Restaurant

5307 Canotek Rd. Unit 100, Ottawa, ON, K1J9M2

(613) 741 – 3000

Anothony Bernoty El Mazaj Mothers Day

Cedar and Maple Gala by Canada-Lebanon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2023)

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We had a truly memorable evening at the prestigious BMW Montreal Centre, our esteemed Gold Sponsor, where we gathered to celebrate the exceptional achievements of the Cedar & Maple contest nominees. These remarkable companies, each a trailblazer in their respective industries, shared their inspiring journeys with us, adding a touch of brilliance to the event.

The Cedar & Maple Gala, organized by the Canada-Lebanon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, took place on October 14, 2023, at the Sheraton Laval and Convention Centre. During this extraordinary annual event, we had the privilege of announcing the winners, showcasing the outstanding accomplishments within our business community.

Inauguration of the “Lebanese Emigration Plaza” at the Centennial Park in Victoria B.C. (2023)

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Inauguration of the “Lebanese Emigration Plaza” at the Centennial Park in Victoria B.C by His Excellency Fadi Ziadeh, The Honourable Bruce Ralston, and Mayor Marianne Alto in celebration of 135 years of Lebanese Emigration to British Columbia. In 1888, brothers Rachid & Faris Rahi were the first Lebanese to arrive in Victoria. Thank you to the Honorary Consul Dr. Nick Kahwaji, to World Lebanese Cultural Union WLCU in B.C, to all the individuals, donors, and the Lebanese community whose efforts and generous contributions transformed the dream of “Emigration Plaza” into a magnificent reality. 

Lebanese Festival in Ottawa, Canada: Celebrating Tradition and Unity (2023)

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Lebanese Festival in Ottawa: A Celebration of Culture, Tradition, and Community” The Lebanese Festival in Ottawa, Canada has established itself as the largest of its kind in North America, showcasing the vibrant culture and traditions of Lebanon. With over 33 years of continued success, the festival takes place at the Saint Elias Cathedral and brings together visitors, including Lebanese, Arab, and Canadian diaspora. Organized by dedicated volunteers, the event features a grand opening ceremony with Canadian dignitaries, traditional Lebanese dances, music, delicious food, and recreational activities for children. This festival has not only preserved Lebanese heritage but also serves as a gathering place for families and a testament to the dedication of its committee, volunteers, and sponsors. A heartfelt thanks goes to the festival committee, headed by George Hanna, for their tireless efforts in making this event a lasting success.

Grand Reopening of Lebanese Embassy in Ottawa (2023)

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The newly renovated embassy stands as a testament to the enduring ties between Lebanon and Canada. The esteemed event was graced by the presence of His Excellency Fadi Ziadeh, Ambassador of the Republic of Lebanon and Madame Tanya Abou Joudeh Ziadeh, alongside dedicated contributors who breathed life into this transformation. Dignitaries from Lebanese political parties, Members of Parliament in the Canadian legislature, revered religious figures, NGOs, and the vibrant Lebanese community came together to mark this remarkable occasion. This celebration of cultural harmony and diplomatic strength was a true reflection of unity in diversity.

As the Founder and Chief Editor of Assali Advertising and Marketing, Toufic Abou Assali, I am honored to share this momentous event, capturing the essence of our commitment to excellence, collaboration, and progress.

Commemorating Lebanon's 79th Independence Day: A Resplendent Evening of Unity and Celebration

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Under the distinguished patronage of His Excellency MP Faisal El Khoury, the esteemed Chairman and Founder of the Parliamentary Friendship Committee, and with the unwavering support of the Lebanese Embassy, a momentous celebration marked the 79th anniversary of Lebanon’s independence. The grandeur of the occasion unfolded within the distinguished ballroom of the Canadian Parliament, symbolizing the strong bonds between nations.

The event radiated distinction with the esteemed presence of MP Al-Khoury and his dedicated team, alongside the honorable His Excellency Ambassador Fadi Ziadeh and his esteemed spouse. Also gracing the occasion were His Excellency MP Ziad Abu Latif, Her Excellency MP Lina Medlej Diab, and the entire assembly of the Friendship Committee, which included esteemed deputies, ministers, and senators. The Lebanese diaspora joined the event in unity, traveling from various Canadian cities, most notably Ottawa, Montreal, and Laval.

The celebration was infused with an unmistakable Lebanese essence, a vibrant reflection of the nation’s rich heritage. Highlighting the event, the Prime Minister of Canada extended his heartfelt congratulations, lauding the pivotal role of the Lebanese community in the progress and prosperity of Canada. Minister Pablo Rodriguez conveyed a message on behalf of the Government of Canada, setting the tone for the evening. The subsequent address by His Excellency Ambassador Fadi Ziadeh resonated with shared values and aspirations.

Representatives from each political party conveyed their distinct perspectives, contributing to a mosaic of voices that define Lebanon’s democratic landscape. Particularly poignant was the address by President MP Khoury, which resonated deeply with attendees. His eloquent words, infused with passion for the homeland, were accompanied by poetic passages that struck a chord with the Lebanese spirit.

Amidst the festivities, the culinary delights of Lebanon took center stage, generously offered by friends of the nation. The evening crescendoed with captivating folkloric dances performed by the renowned Cedar Band, captivating all in attendance.

As we commemorate this historic occasion, our hearts are united in the hope for a brighter future for Lebanon. We fervently pray that love will continue to bind its people together and that peace will grace every corner of this beloved land.

#HappyIndependenceDay #Lebanon #Ottawa #Canada

Warm regards,

Toufic Samir Abu Assali Author and Publisher of the Lebanese-Canadian Business Directory of Lebanon, and His Worship Larry O’Brien, Mayor of the City of Ottawa, graced the occasion. The event took place at the Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West, on February 12, 2009. This gathering served as a testament to the enduring partnerships forged within the Canadian Lebanese business community.