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Canadian Lebanese Business Guide book 2019 Assali Advertising

Navigating the Lebanese Marketing Landscape for Over 15 YEARS in Canada with:

CLBD: Canadian Lebanese Businesses Directory

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From this small Country we travel the earth, we challenge the world, people and countries, and build wherever we wish a Lebanon."
Said Akl (1912-2014)
Poet and Philosopher

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Empowering Success for 20+ Years!

As a dynamic agency, we offer a unique Lebanese business directory akin to a phone book, making it easier for customers to locate and connect with local gems. Additionally, we serve as a reliable guide, bridging the gap between Lebanese and Canadian communities, fostering stronger ties and opportunities.

Ottawa Previous Mayor At CLBD Gala 2019 with Assali Advertising CEO and Chief Editor

Gala 2019: Mayor Jim Watson and our Founder and Editor in Chief Toufic Abou Assali

Lebanese Ambassador With Assali Advertising CEO and Chief Editor

Lebanon's 79th Independence Day 2023: With Excellency Fadi Ziadeh, Ambassador of the Republic of Lebanon

Lebanese Embassy Re Opening 2022 in Ottawa Canada

Grand Reopening of Lebanese Embassy in Ottawa 2023

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